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Your Purpose in Life

……. I came with the purpose of bearing witness to the truth (john 18:37). What defines your Life? Are u defined by your looks or your daily activities? Do you know there is more to life than the ordinary
? Jesus has a defined life, a life of purpose. He did what no one has ever done, He laid down his life for his sheep and that made him so different. John the Baptist had a purpose of “showing to the Israelites who the messiah is”. Your purpose must be defined, or you will live a WASTED LIFE which is not Gods plan for you. Do you know what your eyes and your ears are used for??
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Be the best you can be!

Many times we are subjected to do what someone else (i.e your boss) wants you to do regardless of your opinion or your concept. They compel you to do the designs, or write the article etc,the way and manner they feel is the best. I once had a boss who really is brilliant (i’ll give it to her), once wanted me to write an article that could be used for our companys website. i wrote several of them which i thought should be perfect for the purpose and only for her never to approve any of them. I started wondering and asking myself if i was really that dumb not to be able put together an article. I decided to take them up and post them else where as a blog and read the reactions of people, interestingly, i got many responses than i really imagined. There i knew and told myself to be the best i can and have self confidence in my daily decisions. If you have similar experience, we’ll be willing to learn from you!

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